What travelling means to me

I’ve loved travelling since I can remember, the thrill of landing on the runway in a new destination somewhere I’ve never put my feet before just filled my lungs with a new set of energy and curiosity. Travelling to me means a chance to walk on new paths of life and discover things about myself I never really knew or understood.


The first trip I can well and truly remember was Canada at the age of 4 to see some of my family for the first time. When the plane initially landed in Toronto I cheered with excitement begging my mum to do it again because I was so elated that it had allowed me to travel to a brand new place filled with a whole host of brand new activities, culture…. and food! Yes, I was only 4 years old, but trying Canadian maple syrup for the first time surrounded by my cousins on their farm was a memory I still cherish today.


My most recent holiday was visiting Cala Sant Vicenç in Mallorca last year during the Summer Olympics of 2016 in Brazil. Apart from suffering from the wonderful sun stroke, I spent most of my time outside of the hotel, walking around and exploring the local food and culture, as well as taking one too many photos of the breathtaking view looking out of the coast and the beautiful waves assisting this view. The best part of this entire trip for me was taking the local bus to the nearest town with an amazing array of boats and beachside restaurants. Taking a minute to sit in the shade in a small cafe off the beach front to enjoy some drinks, as a person that loves to people watch, I was fascinated to see all locals that walked and cycled past knew each other in a respectful, friendly manner. This showed me the large essence of community spirit this small town had and after speaking to a local who ran the opposing restaurant, we discovered that this was indeed true and that they strive on being a family feeling community.

Back to the present day, I have gone on to travel all over the world with my family, hitting destinations such as
Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and Orlando Florida, yes we did go to Disney World and I will be writing a blog about my first time in the US! I and the co-owner of this blog Mitch will be embarking on our first adventure around Western Europe where we will be hitting 6 countries over 17 days where I can finally overwhelm myself with new smells, tastes and views which I know will inspire me to travel for the rest of my life.

Some of my best experiences have come from travelling like swimming with Manatees and kissing a Killer Whale, these unforgettable experiences are why I love travelling so much and can’t wait to tick as many countries of my list as possible!